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Nicole Stephens
Instructional Designer

"Sabrina has a strong eye and talent for visual design, as evidenced by her portfolio and custom web design. When working with Sabrina, I noticed her strong attention to detail, combined with good writing abilities – which she used to implement design decisions that often get overlooked. I consistently witnessed her using these skills to communicate feedback effectively with peers and create instructional content that is clear, easy to understand, and enjoyable. I highly recommend her for anyone in need of a skilled instructional designer."

Erin Murphy
Math Instructional Leader

"Sabrina has always been a very talented instructional designer; she goes above and beyond by creating highly engaging scenario-based learning experiences that integrate technology to ensure learning for all. While working with her, she succeeded in making standards-based curriculum into highly engaging and rigorous lessons, like that of her rendition of the Zombie Apocalypse Exponent problem and the Giant Hand Equivalent Ratio problem. I've had the pleasure of seeing her skill set in action and look forward to seeing what else she can do with more resources at her disposal."

Robbie Christian
Freelance Instructional Designer

"Two things stand out to me about Sabrina: she is a competent instructional designer and a compassionate team player. I have seen how she deliberately approaches challenges and thinks about the stakeholders involved. She carefully considers how the learners, for example, will receive and digest the training she puts together. As a result of her thoughtfulness, experience, and perspective, she makes excellent design decisions. Furthermore, I regularly see her acting as a team player, putting in extra time to offer help and feedback on others’ work. She handles others with respect and empathy, whether her feedback is positive or not. Not only are her thoughts and suggestions valid and thoughtful, but she gives feedback constructively and compassionately."

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